Paramedic Station 15

289 Woodside Drive, Oakville, ON

July 6th, 2020
Project Manager
Derek Meigs b.
General Contracting
Class F3 Industrial

In growing communities, two identical, 1-story 3,200 SFT buildings were erected on two different site locations. Complete with a two-lane ambulance vehicle bay for equipment, offices and living spaces for EMS crews which include lounge, kitchen, washrooms, showers and changerooms. These buildings were negotiated on one contract for two different locations for the Halton EMS. The Oakville Station 15 site required cooperation of the existing operational library to reconfigure the parking lot, as well as a custom entrance portico to display the historic bell feature. Both sites involved 50ft bulk excavation, intricate miscellaneous metal entrance features, full height fourfold horizontal opening glass doors at vehicle bay exits and also included 8’ cantilevered canopies. Station 16 required approximately 6ft of upfill prior to foundation to accommodate future road widening elevations.