North Oakville East Wastewater Pumping Station

345 Dundas Street West, Oakville, ON

Project Manager
Steve Bertrand
General Contracting
Municipal Infrastructure

North Oakville Wastewater Pumping Station is a 7,000 SFT building made up of 2 stories above, and 1 story below grade. Deep excavation, mostly through hard shale, was required to reach 15 meters below ground level. The exterior wall required shotcrete and rock anchors to support water control, while 750mm diameter piping was installed for inlet and discharge. There was continuous dewatering throughout the installation of the foundation forms, and foundation and rebar installation. While maintaining high standards of worker safety, there were concerns around the deep excavation, cast-in-place concrete during extremely hot conditions, and mechanical testing and design changes. Complete with wood and metal roof trusses, the most eye-catching feature is the unique 3-story working clock tower. This building was honored with 2013 Oakville Citizen Choice Award.