1266 South Service Road, Hamilton, ON

February 2018
Project Manager
Gaetano Pietrantuono
General Contracting

Built at 150,000 SFT, this combined two and three-story structure has a very aesthetically pleasing colour scheme made up of blue and wood grain aluminum composite panel bands and a blue tinted glazing uninterrupted curtain wall that spans the entire building. This project includes 52 roof top unit installation with the addition of 2 -5000lbs elevators on site. All of the structural HSS columns were filled with concrete for fire-rating. At 3 stories high, there is an 8’ cantilevered angled wood grain canopy that was prefabricated with cold formed structural steel. Through the duration of this project, some challenges were faced such as dealing with the long winter months, and the substantial structural re-design that was required for both the canopy and long un-interrupted current wall bands of windows. Now complete, this Losani building is a stunning addition to Stoney Creek.