Canadian Martyrs Church Addition

38 Emerson Street, Hamilton, ON

June 2021
Project Manager
Gaetano Pietrantuono
General Contracting

A combined space of 18,000 SFT separated in different segments, this project is reflected in a 2-story addition with detailed stone veneer, precast limestone caps, surrounds and sills. It includes an elaborate 8,000 SFT ground level, upscale student center equipped with a library, fully operational kitchen, conference rooms, lounge area and public restrooms. This space also provides private offices for Church employees as well as a finished boardroom. This addition has an elegant Loggia with the gallery side open to the outside and included as part of the 3,000 SFT second floor. An additional 7,000 SFT of basement renovation was completed with the full build, whilst being tied to the existing church with little to no interruption. While dealing with item and material extending lead times due to COVID, this job was not required to shut down due to the residential portion of the build. Despite the delays, in June of 2021, this project was completed successfully and on time.